Cyril Abitbul: Query about burning oil along with fuel was not an attack on rivals

Сирил Абитбуль: Запрос о сжигании масла вместе с топливом не был атакой на соперников

Head of Renault Sport’s Cyril Abitbul said that the FIA’s recent call to remind about the ban on burning oil with the fuel was not associated with an attack on someone from competing manufacturers.

Before beginning the first tests in Barcelona Red Bull Racing has sent the International automobile Federation a formal request for validation of combustion of motor oil in the cylinders. Such actions are deemed to have been connected with suspicions in relation to the Mercedes.

The Renault this move was supported, however, explained that the need for clarity, and not by a desire to obtain an additional opportunity to reduce the gap.

Red Bull suspects Mercedes in burning oil with the fuel

“The explanation of the rules is always very important, whether the area of the suspension, fuel system or engine oil, – quotes AUTOSPORT Abimbola. – Now this season, when behind the scenes there is a lot of debate is important.

We’re not attacked, but had to make sure that the rules are followed properly and ensure that fuel is the major combustible compound in the Formula 1″.

Abitbul compared the situation with the alleged burning of the oil with the dispute around the various suspension systems, since, in his view, the teams are using increasingly sophisticated technology in the areas of the rules that are not spelled out too clearly.

“We can refer to the regulations, which States that a combustible substance is fuel. But it also stipulates that any engine will burn oil, he continued. But burned oil as a lubricant or as fuel is another question.

We believe that we need to have clarity, and the FIA needs to ensure compliance with this rule. Although I acknowledge that it’s complicated.”

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