Christian Horner: Yet what people don’t realize how much good stuff Bernie Ecclestone did for F1

Кристиан Хорнер: Пока что люди не осознают, сколько всего хорошего Берни Экклстоун сделал для Ф1

The head of the Red Bull Racing Christian Horner paid tribute to the former head of the management F1 Bernie.

Bernie was ruled by sports until until the purchase of the commercial rights of F1 have not issued the American company Liberty Media, and with the pre-season tests in 2017 in Barcelona in the Big Prizes started “post-ecclestones” era.

Christian Horner Bernie can still do a lot for Formula 1

Christian admitted that he was going to be strange not to see Bernie in the paddock of F1. At the same time, the British supported the Liberty Media plans to reorganize the sport.

“Bernie has done for F1 lot of good. I think that will take some time to we all realized what heights he had reached, said Horner. – If to speak about the new owners, I like what they want to do in F1 in the field of entertainment and sporting events. In addition, they also want to make the sport more accessible.

Christian Horner: a Television company should not resist freedom of social media in F1

We look forward to when they will announce their plans for the future. The first such discussion will be held in the next few weeks.”

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