Christian Horner: I Hope a world champion in 2017 will be one of the pilots of Red Bull Racing

Кристиан Хорнер: Надеюсь, что чемпионом мира-2017 станет кто-то из пилотов Red Bull Racing

The head of the Red Bull Racing Christian Horner told about the strongest pair of pilots in 2017, the enthusiasm of Adrian Newey, the power RB13 and much more in an interview with the official F1 website.

About the favorite of the season 2017: “Mercedes is the obvious favorite. This team won 50 races in the last three years. We won five Grands Prix, and Ferrari three. What else is there to add?

About RB13 and Renault: “Yes, we have created a good car. This car will be a good base for further upgrade and development in the course of the year. This winter really worked hard and Renault. Hope the engine under the brand name of TAG Heuer in our car shows good in 2017”.

On the role of Adrian Newey in developing the RB13 in terms of the new regulations: “Adrian returned enthusiasm. Now he is busy in two projects: RB13 and the car Aston Martin. But he is surrounded by great people. I’m sure they do their job efficiently. Adrian, in turn, makes its own contribution to this cause. Nice to see that he again became interested in F1”.

About the strongest pair of pilots in 2017: “I really believe that RBR has the strongest pair of pilots. [Daniel] ricciardo had a fantastic year of 2016, reaching the peak of the form, and the young talent Max Verstappen becomes stronger and stronger. The dynamics of this team are astonishing.”

About who will win the championship-2017: “it is a Pity that the reigning champion has decided not to defend his title. This rarely happens, because Nico [Rosberg] is still pretty young. You can reproach him for a kind of manifestation of the surrender, but that decision should be respected. On the grid there are many great Champions: Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso. But I hope that the owner of the title at the end of the season will be the pilot, not previously became a champion – I hope it will be one of my guys.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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