Christian Horner hopes to get rid of the “shark fin” to the Grand Prix of Australia

Кристиан Хорнер надеется избавиться от "акульего плавника" до Гран При Австралии

The head of the Red Bull Racing Christian Horner expressed hope that before the start of season 2017 in Melbourne question about the future use of the “shark fin” will be solved.

Last week, the Austrian team boss has already expressed his dissatisfaction with return of controversial aerodynamic element, banned in 2009, and has also supported sporting Director Formula 1 Ross Brawn.

Ross Brawn: We need to get rid of the fins and T-shaped wings

“On the track of the car look great, and their piloting is a complex challenge for the racers, – quotes Horner AUTOSPORT. – The only thing that upsets me is the “shark fin” and T-shaped wings, from which it would be nice to get rid of.

Probably we still have time to find a solution, because it slightly spoils the appearance of the cars, which is bad for everyone.

But overall the cars look great is a step forward compared to previous years. Speed has increased, but our pilots did not complain about the problems behind other cars, so I don’t think it will affect the race”.

Currently, any change of technical regulations, including a ban on the use of “fins” requires unanimous consent of all teams.

“We need to find a reasonable solution – continued Horner. – Each expert in aerodynamics, including from our team, I would say that “fins” are worth keeping.

But if you look at the situation in General and the aesthetics of the Formula 1, then it would be right to get rid of them.”

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