Children’s questions for adult Lewis Hamilton

Детские вопросы для взрослого Льюиса Хэмилтона

Official channel of the Mercedes team at YouTube has published a video interview of Lewis Hamilton with his little fan of Chloe. We offer to your attention the text version of their conversation.

Fast or slow stretches of time in the race?

L. H.: When you’re ahead in the race, it seems that it goes forever. But there are also race, when in trying to get to the first place you don’t have enough time…

You’re one of the fastest men in the world, but there is something that you do very slowly?

L. H.: to be honest, there are many things. For example, I’m always the last to finish dinner. I’m very slowly going in the trip. I need a day off to pack your stuff!

What is more important: a little time, but with benefits, or a lot of time?

L. H.: small, but useful.

And when a lot of time, it has to be spent on something boring schools!

L. H.: When in school, it seems that time stopped, but in fact this is just a small part of life that much influence on you.

If you could time travel, where would you go: into the past or future?

L. H.:This is a difficult question. What would you chose?

I probably would have went back in time because in the future I’ll be.

L. H.: If I could, I’d go back in time and looked at dinosaurs.

And now about the trip back in time to quickly reach a destination or slow?

L. H.: If I want to hang out with family and friends, of course, slow.

Who invented time?

L. H.: And who ever knows? Who invented time? Beyonce? No? (laughs)

(asks Siri, the voice assistant on the iPhone and reads aloud the response) L. H.: Time was not invented in the traditional sense. Thus time does not exist.


What is more important: to be the best or be the fastest?

L. H.: and the best And the fastest. To become the best, you need to be the fastest and have many other qualities.

You need to be able to control the situation, to think of tactics?

L. H.: Perhaps you’d make a good coach or Manager. Willing to work with me?


L. H.: but first finish school!

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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