Charlie whiting May ban shark’s fin and T-shaped wing in 2018

Чарли Уайтинг: Возможно, запретим акулий плавник и T-образное крыло в 2018 году

Racing Director of the FIA Charlie whiting expects that by 2018, cars will disappear T-shaped wings and a shark fin.

The appearance of these aerodynamic elements has caused ambiguous reaction in the Formula 1. To agree on the ban on the eve of the season-2017 failed and if they still will be banned, not until next year.

“I think next year will be a good opportunity for ban, because many believe these solutions are really ugly, – quotes Whiting AUTOSPORT. – I personally have nothing against it. The appearance of such elements could not be ruled out, although for some it still came as a surprise”.

Whiting also noted that during the race weekend in Melbourne, the FIA will check the T-shaped wings for flexibility. Talk about excessive flexibility of this aerodynamic element appeared after the publication of photos of several cars in high-speed corners on the tests in Barcelona.

On one of the photos was machine Haas, however, the head of the American team Gunther Steiner said that there are no requirements for the design change was received.

“No, not yet, since it seems that this feature works even in such conditions, he said. We analyzed everything and maybe will do something in the future, but has not yet taken any measures.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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