Charlie whiting explained the delay start

Чарли Уайтинг объяснил задержку старта

FIA race Director Charlie whiting explained the reason for the delayed start of the race Grand Prix of Australia.

The pilots were forced to go on the second installation lap after whiting received a warning from the Marshal for the signal panel next to the car Daniel quata.

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“I interrupted the start, because I was not sure that everything is in order. I need everything to be as it should before I push the start button, – said whiting in an interview with AUTOSPORT. First Sergio Perez got up on the wrong position and then slightly moved forward. At the same time, the Marshal in charge signal panel next to the car Daniel quata, pressed the yellow button, informing about the problem.

My colleagues and I saw nothing, so I decided to abort the start and send the racers for another warm up lap.

The video then clearly shows that with Kvyat’s car all right, and the rider gave no signals, so, most likely, the Marshal was just nervous.

This, of course, impossible fully to explain why he pressed the button, but under pressure people often do inexplicable things.

In any case, the important thing is that we didn’t know how safe it is to start, so I decided to postpone it.

None of the racers were not to blame in this incident, so no one started the race from the pit lane”.

Text broadcast of the race in Melbourne with photos and video can be viewed on our website.

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