Blog Of Sergey Sirotkin. On the eve of the Grand Prix of Australia

Блог Сергея Сироткина. В преддверии Гран При Австралии

We present to your attention “Blog pilot” – a new section on our website. It is known to Russian pilots will exclusively share with us their opinions about current events happening in the world of Motorsport, and also to tell about the inner life racing teams.

We start with a personal blog back-racer of the team Renault F1 Sergey Sirotkin.

The last two years the Russians spent in the GP2 series, now renamed Formula 2, and both times has demonstrated an enviable stability, became the bronze medalist of the championship first team Rapax, and then with ART Grand Prix.

Today we’ll learn that the Russian pilot thinks about the upcoming first stage the F1 in Australia, new tires, Valtteri Battese and about his plans for the season…

About the alignment of forces in Formula 1 ahead of the season-2017

Блог Сергея Сироткина. В преддверии Гран При Австралии

Judging by what I saw on the tests in Barcelona, there will be no surprise if in Melbourne Mercedes and Ferrari will be shared by the first two rows of the starting grid for the race ahead of all the others. One of them is faster, it is hard to say. On the tests Ferrari looked a little harder, but I think Mercedes has a trump card in his pocket. In Barcelona the “Silver arrows” was a little behind the Scuderia, the car was less stable. But I think they still will show themselves.

Red Bull Racing, I believe, is in its traditional position. They have had problems with the electric component of the engine Renault, and other. Therefore, it is difficult to say where they are in terms of reliability, how they have to limit power. But I think for lap time, they will be in its rightful third place.

Блог Сергея Сироткина. В преддверии Гран При Австралии

But then, in the middle group, there is quite a tight battle. I think, at the head of this group will be Williams – on the tests in Barcelona their car as the lap time, and superficially looked the best from the rest. In terms of balance everything is pretty good, so I think fourth place will be for them.

After difficult to single out anyone. It may be Renault and Force India or Haas. Perhaps, these three teams will fight for the fifth place. I have great confidence was put to Renault, if they manage to solve reliability issues to the stage in Melbourne. If not, it is, of course, negatively affect the time of passage of a circle.

As for Toro Rosso, they are in the same position as Renault. Both teams have a good chassis, but technical problems plagued all the teams with Renault engines, so… STR will struggle in the middle group somewhere between Renault, Force India and Haas, and the final distribution of the positions of its role can play a factor in the reliability and luck.

Then – McLaren, unless, of course, their car will reach the finish line. From the point of view of the potential they have stock, given what we saw in Barcelona. But the question is, how big it is and whether the team is any of this show or not. Find out in Melbourne.

Well, Sauber, there is nothing special to say. No matter how well the team worked and tried, still limitations in budget, staffing and in all other respects, leave their imprint. In addition, they have last year’s Ferrari engine. On the tests it was noticeable that in comparison with their rivals the car has less grip, as the aerodynamic and mechanical. This implies a lot of different cons. So I think this year they will take the place of the Manor.

The chances of Valtteri Bottas in the Mercedes

Блог Сергея Сироткина. В преддверии Гран При Австралии

It is difficult to judge. The tests Valtteri was even higher than Lewis Hamilton. But this can only talk about what Mercedes is not even close to have shown their real speed, or Lewis himself did not go in full force, and worked on another program. It’s probably all that can be said.

About tactics

Was very strange: the new wide tyres expected high level of coupling, but the opposite happened. The tires are stiffer in one or two steps, so similar compounds provide an even smaller level of grip compared to last year. In this degradation, of course, was lower.

As far as I know, in Melbourne, Pirelli will bring three of the most soft compound is a must to offset the effects of increasing the rigidity of the rubber. But in General we can say that in races in which he had three pit-stop, there will be two where there are two there one. Where there was one… I Doubt that someone will go without pit stops!

About the program of performances at the wheel of the Renault R. S. 17 during the season-2017

Know exactly when and how much, but I can’t say. It needs to come from the team itself, and I confirm.

Блог Сергея Сироткина. В преддверии Гран При Австралии

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