Best radio conversations the Grand Prix of Australia-2017

Лучшие радиопереговоры Гран При Австралии-2017

Edition has published the most interesting radio traffic during the debut race of the season-2017 in Australia.

Many pilots have faced serious challenges:

Vandorn My dashboard is not working
Engineer McLaren: Understood, Stoffel. Do you mean that the display is not working?
Vandorn: is It stuck on the warm up lap

Engineer Toro Rosso DRS should work. Try again
Quat: No, I do not work

Ericsson ‘s something wrong with the rear part of the machine
Engineer Sauber: Yes, Marcus. We see that the level clamping force is decreased in the rear part

Vandorn No power
Engineer McLaren Took. Understand the situation

Daniel ricciardo joined the race on the third lap:

Engineer McLaren – Vandorn Behind you, Riccardo. Don’t fight with him. This machine is behind the circle
Engineer of Red Bull Racing – ricciardo Join the race and have fun

Лучшие радиопереговоры Гран При Австралии-2017

Jolyon Palmer faced a serious problem with his brakes constantly seized:

Palmer: The Problem. Brakes stuck
Engineer Renault: can You move?
Palmer: Yes, now move
Engineer: Well, go ahead. We will verify that this

Palmer: Again this same problem

Palmer: Ahh, again
Engineer: Well, Joe, then go. Sorry

Mercedes has warned Lewis Hamilton that Vettel is too close to the potential of overtaking at the pit stop:

Engineer Mercedes: Lewis, you need to create a backlog. This is extremely important. Handicap in 1.7 seconds
Hamilton: I can’t

After a pit stop Hamilton was stuck behind max Verstappen:

Engineer Mercedes: This is a critical moment of the race. You have to overtake Verstappen
Hamilton: And how should I do this?

Hamilton: Tyres finally wore out

Engineer Mercedes: We think about plan “B”

Лучшие радиопереговоры Гран При Австралии-2017

For Riccardo the day that started awful, ended as:

Engineer At Red Bull Racing: Well, Daniel. Now you need to put the engine in a sparing mode to save it. We will lose a few tenths of a second off lap times, it doesn’t crash. It’s a shame that we will be able to get points today only due to the appearance of the safety car, but not at the expense of pace. But to compete, because there is a chance. Let’s save the engine. Do not make your day even worse
Riccardo Realized

Riccardo: okay, So I wasn’t able to save him. I translate in mode P0. Waiting for confirmation, but…
Engineer: Not in P0, while it is impossible, guy. We will not be able to start the engine again in P0. Wait, we check the telemetry and let you know

Engineer: Well, Daniel. P0. I’m sorry, man. The machine is “ready”. Don’t know what to tell you buddy
Riccardo: Let’s ye…be here

In the Toro Rosso decided to temporarily change the pilots ‘ seats:

Engineer – Sainz: Switch positions now
Sainz: He [Kvyat] it will return me the position if you will not be able to overtake Perez, right?
Engineer: Carlos

At this time, the problem arose from lance Stroll:

Stroll: I Think my brakes went out. Yes, something is broken
Engineer Williams: Come into the pits
Stroll: Ahh, I missed them. Sorry

Лучшие радиопереговоры Гран При Австралии-2017

On the machine of quata had problems:

Engineer Toro Rosso: Well, Daniel, soon we will need to go to the pit stop. We have problems with air in the engine
Quat: No, guys, let me remain on track
Engineer: You can’t stay on track
Kvyat: I can to do something?
Engineer: No, we need to pump air into the engine

Meanwhile, breakage of the suspension made the suffering of Fernando Alonso

Alonso With a car that something is wrong. We have lost something. The car “roll” to the left

Fastest lap of the race behind Kimi Raikkonen, however, not only did he want to become the owner of this achievement:

Engineer Toro Rosso – Kvyat: Well, Daniel, dovesi car to the finish, okay? Now act calmly. Just take it to the flag
Kvyat: Well. Maybe I will try to show the fastest lap in the race or not?
Engineer: No, that would make Vettel
Kvyat: Well, how many am I missing?
Engineer: 0.1 seconds. Dan, I’ll take the car to the finish line, we need points
Kvyat Relaxed. Well

Verstappen: How much faster my lap fastest lap?
Engineer: Much. Two laps remained. Just take the car to the finish line

Vettel celebrated a long-awaited victory for Ferrari:

Engineer: Great performance. What you need. Bravissimo
Vettel: Yippee! Forza Ferrari. Questa e per noi (for you)

Engineer Mercedes – Hamilton: Well, Lewis. The work is done. I’m sorry. Second place – a good result. We will draw our conclusions. Good performance

Engineer Sauber – Antonio Giovinazzi: Antonio, you had a very good race. 12-th place. Congratulations. Very good result for a debut race in F1

Лучшие радиопереговоры Гран При Австралии-2017

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