Bernie Ecclestone: it is Good that we have races in Russia and Azerbaijan

Берни Экклстоун: Хорошо, что у нас есть гонки в России и Азербайджане

Former Executive Director of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone has admitted that he is very glad that at the time, brought the “Royal race” in countries such as Hungary, Russia and Azerbaijan.

“In the days when I was organizing races in Hungary, there was the “iron curtain”. Then at closing we had to deal with KGB – quoted F1i. But I really wanted to get out of Europe, because it is not the whole world.

It is good that now we have races in Russia and Azerbaijan. We went to these countries, if they pay for the organisation of the race as Europeans? More likely than not.

The organizers of these stages are quite satisfied with signed agreements. Terms suit both parties.”

But with the advent of races in new countries threatening the stages that have been held for many years. In particular, this concerns the Grand Prix of Brazil.

“This week, chase Carey asked me to go there to negotiate with the President and to convince the government to invest in the organisation of the race, said 86-year-old Briton. Otherwise we risk losing the Grand Prix, which I really do not want, considering that in this country the race was held for 45 years.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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