Bernie Ecclestone Cary told me in person that wants to be the Executive Director of F1

Берни Экклстоун: Кэри сказал мне в лицо, что хочет быть исполнительным директором Ф1

Former Executive Director of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone has admitted that after the new owners Liberty Media more does not solve anything, despite the status of honorary Chairman.

“I can’t do anything, is quoted by AUTOSPORT. They even warned all employees that they should not communicate with me. They want to get rid of the era of Bernie: “Let’s get rid of the history of Bernie”.

They always say the same thing, and probably think that I’m happy, but it’s not. “He did a great job, but we have to move on”. Maybe in some ways they are right.

If I was annoyed, when Liberty asked me to leave? No. I compare this with the fact that someone bought a car and wants to drive it himself.

I was a little upset, because initially they offered me to stay for another three years. I said that if my health will allow, it will remain.

So that was a bit of a surprise when the next day after the transaction is complete they asked me to leave because chase wanted to take the post of Executive Director. He told me to my face”.

In recent years Ecclestone often criticized the fact that he is more interested in receiving money for Formula 1 than strengthening the brand and image of the championship. However, the 86-year-old Briton acknowledges that jealous of his successor.

“I tried to conduct business as Executive Director, trying to bring income to shareholders – continued Bernie. – I knew that CVC want to sell the company, and I did everything to get a good profit when selling.

They allowed me to conduct business as I see fit.

I’m terribly jealous of chase, because it is in a great position and could do what I wanted, but could not.”

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