Bernie Ecclestone a 100-million bonus for Ferrari was important for the sport

Берни Экклстоун: 100-миллионный бонус для Ferrari был важен для спорта

Despite the fact that the new owners Liberty Media F1 dissatisfied with the current system of distribution of prize money between the teams, the former head of management, Bernie Ecclestone thinks Ferrari fair receives an annual 100-million bonus for their dedication to the sport.

Bernie I’m sure this bonus ensures that the Italian manufacturer will not leave the championship.

“Why this bonus came from? – said Ecclestone in an interview with Sky Sports. It’s very simple. CVC wanted to take action of F1 on the stock exchange, and we had to ensure the continued participation of the teams in the League.

We analyzed which teams can stay in F1 until 2020, many of them expressed then the desire to sign contracts. On the other hand, they could sign a contract to participate in the championship, and next week would leave F1.

That’s why we needed a commitment to the sport from big companies, and they, in turn, was to receive remuneration for his long-term devotion. They wanted to get something in return and had every right to be. That’s all happened.”

When Bernie asked Ferrari would leave F1 if the bonus would be cancelled, he said, “someone Once told me that since the founding of the championship it was attended by over 70 teams.

At first I didn’t believe it. But, knowing the person who told me about it, it was hard to doubt the veracity of this fact.

Nothing lasts forever. If someone is upset or hurt Ferrari, the team may terminate their participation in the championship. And when Mercedes win a couple of titles, they can say that have already made it, and can also leave.”

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