Alex Wurz: the Victory of Ferrari is not accidental

Алекс Вурц: Победа Ferrari не случайна

Former racer of Grand Prix Alex Wurz is confident that victory for Ferrari in Melbourne was not accidental, and in the future, the season can bring the Scuderia is not a single triumph.

Sebastian Vettel brought Ferrari their first victory of 2015!

“The statement that due to the nature of the route results in Australia is not quite indicative, gone since the confrontation between tire manufacturers – quoted Vorta in Speedweek. – Now all have the same Pirelli tires, and most importantly for everyone: the downforce and grip.

Racers Red Bull Racing just not enough of it in turns, as we all noticed. If Daniel ricciardo and Max Verstappen will work better with rubber, they will be able to add.

Now you can evaluate the test results. It is obvious that the leaders of the tests high rates were not only empty the fuel tank, but on the long series of circles, because Mercedes and Ferrari were the best in simulation racing. RBR until they could not get.

Many then thought that RBR’s bluffing, but the race confirmed the performance of the tests.

RBR on the weekend in Melbourne has been a sobering experience. I was thinking about technical guru Adrian Newey, and that the team will benefit from the changing rules. But now things have changed: now everything depends on one person, and each member of the team.”

Wurz added that after the success of Sebastian Vettel is not necessary to write off his partner Kimi Raikkonen: “of Course, SEB is excited after the start of the season, but we should not underestimate Kimi. As soon as he gets on those tracks where it is important to work with the tires, we will again see our old friend from Finland.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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