Adrian Newey: New rules present an interesting challenge

Эдриан Ньюи: Новые правила представляют интересный вызов

Chief designer of Red Bull’s Adrian Newey shared his thoughts about changes in the technical regulations in 2017, noting that the changes were not so radical as was to be expected.

“It is fair to say that the changes in aerodynamic rules was much less than it was in 2009 – quoted Newey – The structure of the air flow similar to the one that was around previous generation machines, and the difference lies precisely in his behavior. To understand this is quite difficult and an additional problem is the increased weight of the chassis to 728 kg, which is close to the weight of the sports car.

Generally it is interesting. The new rules give such freedom to work on aerodynamics, which we have not had for many years”.

Also the head of the technical Department, Red Bull has shared his thoughts on the machines of competitors.

“Mercedes is a complicated machine with plenty of elements designed for airflow control, he continued. – Ferrari complex side pontoons, but the pictures I saw, I still failed to understand them.

Mercedes and Toro Rosso have tried to place the suspension arms as high as possible. I think this is due to the desire to get more free space in the field of brake ducting. These are the main features that I was able to notice”.

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