Zach brown: you Need to prize more evenly distributed

Зак Браун: Нужно, чтобы призовые распределялись более равномерно

Executive Director of McLaren Zac brown believes that F1 should introduce a more fair system of distribution of prize money.

On the other hand, it protects the bonus system, under which the top teams get more money.

The purpose of the current system of distribution of money is to keep more teams in the sport. At the same time, it is considered imperfect because it does not take into account the interests of small groups.

“I agree that the money in sports should be distributed in more equal parts, brown said in an interview in the podcast Marshall Pruett. – However it should not be completely equal because some teams like ours bring to this sport more than others.

Teams must obtain the appropriate accrual for the contribution to development of sport.

But I do believe that the disturbed balance between the money that receive the first and the last team of the championship. If it negatively affects the greater part of the starting field, then it’s bad for all of us.”

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