Zach brown: We cannot do without budget constraints

Зак Браун: Нам не обойтись без ограничения бюджета

According to Executive Director of McLaren, Zac brown, some F1 teams intend to introduce standardization to reduce costs, but without budget constraints is unlikely to achieve all goals.

New sports head of the F1 Ross brown, assigned to Liberty Media, has admitted that he intends to make the sport easier and better.

In the last few years, standardization has already been discussed by the leadership of F1. Zach brown is confident that she will be a very effective way to reduce costs if you get only part of a comprehensive approach.

“There is an opinion that we need to standardize some of the details — said Zack in an interview — Hardly it is possible to reduce costs by defining exactly what you can use, and what not. The team is very smart.

A good example: the wind tunnel. We have restricted their use, and then began to scale the budgets for computational fluid dynamics. So one standardization will not solve the problem.

However, it is quite possible to apply some of the details. Don’t know all, as it looks like the suspension on our car compared to the Williams.

If fans can’t tell the difference, and expenditures are reduced, the standardization is needed, however, without budget constraints, which are in almost all sports, we do not.”

Himself Ross brown believes that the decisions in F1 should not be taken in haste, otherwise it will only slow the growth of the sport.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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