Zach brown: By 2018, McLaren need to find a title sponsor

Зак Браун: К 2018-му McLaren нужно найти титульного спонсора

Executive Director of McLaren Zach brown during the presentation of the new chassis team MCL32 admitted that by 2018, the team must find a title sponsor.

Brown, who joined McLaren in December after the departure of Ron Dennis insists the team has all the necessary resources for the upcoming season.

“Sheikh Mohammed and Mansour young OGA increased the budget, so we now have everything you need, Mr brown said. – Now we have just a little bit of everything to finalize.

To attract a new sponsor must be at least a year. Shouldn’t expect any miracles in 2017. Most companies take serious decisions in October, November or in the extreme case, in December.

I started working in December, so the goal of signing a serious contract was almost impossible. So I decided to focus on the restructuring of our commercial Department, and until we cope with the tasks.

Our presentation was, in my opinion, the most anticipated. While our current partners are satisfied with the cooperation I was able to meet with each of them.

In 2018, we need to enlist the support of title sponsor. I already feel the pressure as remained only a year.

You know, I have not seen one team not a single new sponsor, even the Champions of the past three years. This speaks to the difficult times in the Formula 1″.

Race Director McLaren Eric bulge during the presentation agreed with all the statements by brown about the sponsorship.

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