Willi Weber: Americans can turn any sport into a circus

Вилли Вебер: Американцы могут превратить любой спорт в цирк

Sports Manager, Willi Weber, without which it could not take place, a successful career of seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher expressed concerns regarding the F1 deal with Liberty Media.

Despite the fact that many recognize the merits of the American company in the field of digital technology, Weber doubted that the overseas approach was necessary in modern Formula 1.

“The Americans any sport can turn into a circus, said Weber in an interview with Sport Bild. — They want to make the stages bigger, to invite famous actors and allow the audience to see F1 than in the era of Bernie [Ecclestone].

The Americans will never fight for a F1 ticket, better go somewhere else. The elitism of F1 will be lost.

The new owners have no desire to do the races, they are ruled by greed”.

Weber also commented on the performance of Sebastian Vettel in the Ferrari, which has not yet been able to repeat the success of his famous compatriot.

“If this season nothing will change, it has to go — continued Weber. Even if Ferrari will pour his wine at lunch, you still need to stop”.

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