Video: Daniel, hands off STR12 new!

Видео: Даниил, руки прочь от новой STR12!

The pilot Toro Rosso Daniel Quat have decided to spy on the base in Faenza, in order to show the public a new car STR12.

Daniel Quat visited the base of Toro Rosso in Faenza

However, the Russians just stopped one of the staff team. The scene was played out great.

In the video, posted on the official Twitter of the Italian team, Daniil Kvyat said, “Hey guys. Heard you liked the video, which was shown to start the motor. And then I thought: why not try to show you something else? Will try to show you a small part of the machine. This may be interesting, but maybe not. And here we are. Now I will show you some details…”

But then Daniel stopped the team: “No, man. Not yet. Need to wait for the tests in Barcelona”.

Kvyat said: “Nicola said no. Will have to wait for tests.”

Recall that the performance of the car Toro Rosso will be held on 26 February in Barcelona.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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