Vettel had an accident during tests of rubber Pirelli rain in Fiorano

Феттель попал в аварию во время тестов дождевой резины Pirelli во Фьорано

During the first test day Pirelli wet tyres at Fiorano Sebastian Vettel lost control and sent the modified car 2015 barriers that prematurely ended the test session.

In the afternoon during the warm-up lap Vettel lost control of the SF15-T at the exit of a right turn.

Despite the fact that Sebastian got off only with bruises, the car was pretty serious damage, so the Ferrari had to stop the tests. After the car was transported to the base in Maranello, where you decide exactly whether it would be possible to continue the tests.

Because of the constant criticism from the riders, as well as the introduction of the new regulations, in Pirelli decided to pay more attention to the development of new wet tyres.

Given that in the upcoming season of rain starts will occur from the place even after several laps behind the safety car, the capacity for sufficient heating of the composition to Wet causes many concerns.

In wet conditions the track with a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius Vettel needed to evaluate the various specifications of the new wet tyres.

Originally, Ferrari planned to use your third pilot Antonio Giovinazzi, and it is not known whether the Vettel tomorrow to make up for lost time.

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