Toto Wolff: Mercedes are all now in anticipation

Тото Вольф: На базе Mercedes все сейчас в предвкушении

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff after the presentation of the new chassis W08 admitted that the team is very high expectations before the season started.

“Now the team are all excited and are looking forward, – said the wolf. – We took challenge to create a brand new car, and I’ve never seen such determination to succeed, as it is now”.

Wolff, however, admitted that no one can predict the balance of power because of the complete change of the rules: “we All know that rules change not only changes everything, but also provides a great opportunity.

So do not lose your head and dig. Still, none of the teams tested new cars in battle mode, so we all have now on zero points.”

Wolf agreed with the General opinion that the finalization of the machine during the season would be extremely important: “this year’s revision during the season will be crucial in the title fight. None of us can predict the balance of power in the first race, but whatever it is, I am sure that we have enough resources to cope with all challenges.

This season our team will be able to show its real power”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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