The teams allowed the publication of video from the tests in Barcelona

Командам разрешили публикацию видео с тестов в Барселоне

The Formula 1 team received permission to film and publish short videos in social networks during the first week of pre-season tests Formula 1, according to AUTOSPORT.

A few years ago, the commercial rights holder imposed strict restrictions on embed video runs. However, the new owners of the F1 company Liberty Media is interested in using digital and social media. So the team has been relaxed, but really only for the first week of tests.

From the beginning of the first day of testing in Barcelona stables regularly upload videos, and three-time world champion Lewis Hamilton has promised its subscribers to share photos.

It is expected that in future negotiations, under which the parties will develop a set of rules for content.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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