The team proceeded to the formation of the analogue of FOTA?

Команды приступили к формированию аналога FOTA?

Leading Formula 1 team began the process of forming a new structure on the principle of FOTA to protect its own financial interests within the framework of cooperation with the new owners Liberty Media, according to AUTOSPORT.

Currently, the participants of the championship, as Mercedes, Red Bull Racing, Ferrari and McLaren, receive additional bonus payments from the commercial rights holder.

The new owners of Formula 1 has called the current system of income distribution is unjust and identified this aspect as one of the priority list of reforms.

This position may lead to financial disagreements. According to the existing agreement with FOM, the prisoner is still under Bernie Ecclestone, the four above-mentioned teams get 65% of the prize income, while the rest 35%.

Formula 1 – it’s just business, nothing personal…

None of the representatives of the teams when requested AUTOSPORT confirmed the creation of analog FOTA, but not denied.

“We are ready to participate in the working group meetings and discussions, but such negotiations are fraught with the possibility that some teams may try to protect their privileged positions, – said the representative of the unnamed team. We must all work together for the good of F1, helping the Formula One Group”.

The F1 teams Association (FOTA) was founded in 2008, amid political differences with the FIA and FOM, and ceased to exist in 2014 when the structure left several contestants.

It’s unclear whether a new analogue of the Association to serve the interests of all teams, not just those who receive the bonus prize.

The head of one of the private teams have suggested that it is possible to create two structures FOM: for the first four Mercedes, Red Bull Racing, Ferrari, McLaren and all the rest.

Команды приступили к формированию аналога FOTA?

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