The minimum weight of cars in 2017 will amount to 728 kg

Минимальный вес машин в 2017 году составит 728 кг

The minimum weight of the cars of Formula 1 in 2017 will be increased by 6 kg in connection with the transition to wider tires, according to AUTOSPORT.

According to the updated two weeks ago with the technical regulations, the car’s weight without fuel must not be less than 722 kg for the whole race weekend.

But it is noted that further limitation may be changed depending on the transition to wide tires.

“The minimum weight will be adjusted depending on the difference (rounded to 1 kg) between sets of slicks sample of 2016 and 2017”, – stated in the Article 4.3.

It is assumed that the difference will be 6 kg, respectively, the minimum weight will be in the range of 728 kg. Front tires were heavier by 1 kg, whereas the rear – 1.5 kg.

For comparison, last year the minimum weight of a Formula 1 car was 702 kg. But in 2017 the cars will be 20 cm wider, and the maximum amount of fuel in the tanks at the start will be 105 kg instead of 100 kg.

At least every 10 kg and lead to a loss in average 0.3 seconds per lap, for more downforce and mechanical grip have to do the machine for 4-5 seconds faster than in 2016.

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