The first day of testing in Barcelona through the eyes of a reporter Autopartsway

Первый день тестов в Барселоне глазами корреспондента АВТОСПОРТ

Special correspondent Autopartswaypresent in Barcelona, shared his impressions from the first day of pre-season tests in 2017.

The first day of testing: what have we learned?

What you have been waiting for all fans of “Royal races” happened: the Formula 1 season is now officially open! For the first time to the track in Barcelona has left brand-new cars for which this was the first real test of strength. What have we learned for the first day?

The tests are interesting. All.

Such attendance media center, during the first day of pre-season testing, would be the envy of any Grand Prix: already at eight in the morning to the reception stretched a long line, and the most attractive places of the room for journalists was already occupied. And this is considering that the track is 30 km from the city. In short, early birds.

Первый день тестов в Барселоне глазами корреспондента АВТОСПОРТ

Do not forget the owners of the track and the fans: on sale tickets for grandstand and paddock. Sometimes it seemed that the stands are filled to approximately the level of the Friday of a Grand Prix. Not bad for a work day!

Everything is new

As we know, the appearance of the cars was going to radically change with the introduction of the new technical regulation: broad and aggressive car with wide tires was to make the sport not only more beautiful from the point of view of the struggle on the track, but also attractive from the aesthetic point of view. It is – the big question. Yes, the modified livery teams look fresh (which is only Toro Rosso!), returned the “right” wide rear fender and machines have become “flatter,” However, the big difference (that which was to be expected) no.

Noticeable one thing: speed. She was noticeably higher in the fast corners, but if you are a true fan or a photographer trying to catch a good shot, you are unlikely to notice a significant difference.

About the sound we can only say that he remains the same.

Racers happy

The first comments from riders indicate one thing: all the pretty new cars, but how it will help to improve the show, no one knows. For example, Romain Grosjean was very happy with the new characteristics of the car Haas and his appearance, however, the question about how much easier it will be to overtake, only said: “let’s See…”

Первый день тестов в Барселоне глазами корреспондента АВТОСПОРТ

Almost all say that the format of the race with the introduction of the new regulations will change – if not needed to save fuel and tyres, the race will be more like a sprint race and will be physically difficult for the pilots themselves. This, for example, said Felipe Massa, who was forced to interrupt his retirement for the return to WIlliams.

The balance of power is open to question

To make predictions for the first test (and especially on the first day) – it is very ungrateful: each team works on its own program, nobody is trying to show the best time, thereby dropping the dust into the eyes of the competitors (and the public). Do not forget that with the changed regulations the teams will have much to revise in his technique and procedures: pit stops, strategy and so on. For example, in the Force India noticed that one of the tasks on the test is the revision… front Jack, which is used during pit stops.

The teams there is still a lot of questions that need to be resolved in just a few days of tests.

Первый день тестов в Барселоне глазами корреспондента АВТОСПОРТ

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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