The FIA will clarify the question of the legality of the suspension of the Mercedes and Red Bull until 27 February

FIA прояснит вопрос с легальностью подвески Mercedes и Red Bull до 27 февраля

Formula 1 team are unable to agree on the issue of legality of suspension technology used by Mercedes and Red Bull Racing, according to AUTOSPORT.

Disputes over design, similar to the system FRIC, began with the letters a Ferrari in FIA on behalf of the chief designer Simone Resta. As anticipated, the request of the Scuderia was associated with the intention to find out the legality of the actions of competitors, and not in connection with a private development.

In response to the letter of the technical Director of Formula 1 Charlie whiting made clear that any suspension system, which helps to improve efficiency by changing the height of the suspension and the impact on the aerodynamics prohibited by the regulations.

Further discussion took place at the meeting of technical Directors of the teams with the FIA last week, but no consensus had been reached. According to Auto Motor und Sport, the Ferrari was supported by only three teams.

There have been proposed various ideas such as a return to the conventional concept of suspension, the active suspension or the imposition of limitations in the current design. However, the views of the parties were divided.

As expected, the new technical Directive from Whiting will be published in the coming weeks, before the start of pre-season testing. However, it is unclear whether or not the controversial development of a “green light” or be banned. At least a team must have enough time to adapt before the start of the season in Melbourne.

However, given that the instructions Whiting are only Advisory, and the final verdict remains with the stewards at the Grand Prix, it is possible that the case goes to formal protests.

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