The FIA has banned the teams to use the programmed start procedure

FIA запретила командам использовать запрограммированную процедуру старта

The FIA has warned Formula 1 team about the inability to use the trick with the idea of a programmed start procedure, according to AUTOSPORT.

Such notice participants of the championship received after the letter address a Ferrari in the FIA, in which the Scuderia in detail explained the work of the concept.

In recent seasons, the rules of procedure of the start was tightened, but the team still constantly strive to find ways to simplify and make more predictable for the riders.

It is unknown whether Ferrari worked myself on a similar concept and decided to put the publicity of the achievements of some of the rivals.

It is curious that the claim of the Italian team in the FIA is not the first in the season 2016/2017. As it became known in early January, the Scuderia officially asked to clarify the question of the legality of the use of suspension technology, similar to the concept of FRIC.

Details of the request Ferrari about the legality of the concept of suspension Mercedes

The regulation prohibits the teams to give the drivers any help in finding the trigger point of the clutch at the start. In the technical regulations clearly stated that any decisions right now, in the setup of a clutch and transmission of information to the rider about the optimum point of grip, is prohibited.

Programmed start procedure could work as follows:

– Before the procedure start, the rider squeezes the clutch fully.
The driver selects first gear.
– Presses the gas pedal until, until you find the optimum torque.
– The driver presses the brake pedal to start the programmed phase.
– As soon as the lights go red light, the driver releases the brake pedal, so it is better to start

In addition to providing a good stable start, if such a procedure can be minimized the risk of slipping, as in the final phase when you release the brake pedal, the engine revs drop to a certain point.

When prompted Ferrari to the FIA wanted to find out, does this process the following two paragraphs of the technical regulations:

9.2.2: “Systems that help the rider to find the optimum point of setting the clutch and its fixation, is prohibited.”

9.2.7: “Any device or system that informs the driver about the degree of slippage of the clutch is prohibited.”

However, as expected, the main reason for the prohibition of the use of the procedure programmed start was not the rule, and potential danger. According to race Director FIA’s Charlie Whiting, if, during a programmed phase of the driver will lower the engine speed is too low, perhaps triggering system “anti-stall” in which the machine simply will not move.

In addition, it was suggested that the resolution procedure of the programmed start would lead to an arms race by reducing the limit of fault tolerance sensor the throttle position and extreme approach in the design of the clutch.

Although whiting has indicated that the use of this solution is prohibited, the team long known that as head of the technical Department of the Formula 1, he can only Express his personal opinion. The final verdict on the legality of a system for stewards present at every Grand Prix. Another question – would anyone of the participants to ignore the opinion of Whiting?

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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