The command supported the return of active suspension in 2018

Команды поддержали возвращение активной подвески в 2018 году

Most of the teams of Formula 1 has supported the return to the use of active suspension, so as to solve the disputes over the legality of the current system, according to AUTOSPORT.

The discussion started with the fact that a few weeks ago, Ferrari in the FIA sent a formal request to clarify how a legal solution to Mercedes and Red Bull Racing, influencing the aerodynamics of the car.

The result was a proposed four options, one of which is a return to active suspension, banned in 1994. This option is based on the document drawn up by McLaren.

However, given the scale of the changes in the regulations will not happen before 2018.

The FIA will clarify the question of the legality of the suspension of the Mercedes and Red Bull until 27 February

A return to active suspension also involves the use of some standard components that should prevent the initiation of expensive technological arms race.

The second option involves the tightening of the rules concerning passive systems designed to affect the aerodynamic package. It is based on the proposal to interpret the initial decision to ban active suspension more clearly and require changes in the wording of Article 3.14 of the technical regulation that regulates impact on aerodynamics.

Команды поддержали возвращение активной подвески в 2018 году

The third option involves the exclusion of the suspension system from the Article of the technical regulations regarding the aerodynamics. This will allow the use of passive systems that affect the efficiency of the aerodynamic package. However, systems like FRIC, still you will remain banned. In this case, the debate about the legality of those or other systems will stop, but at the same time, there is a risk of increased costs.

Secrets and active suspension system FRIC

Finally, the last option is to maintain current regulations, but stricter technical checks by the FIA. Teams will be required to provide documentation detailing the design of the suspension.

Four of these options will be the basis for further discussions, the results of which will be interpreted the current regulations and potential changes generated in the rulebook for 2018.

Expert opinion

Gary Anderson, technical consultant

First of all, I am against the use of any technology hidden from view. This only adds to the confusion when it comes to talking about the reasons for the superiority of one team over another.

The active suspension system can reduce braking distances and improve grip. But no such technology does not add to the entertainment races, and the role of the pilot becomes even lower.

Active suspension gives the possibility to optimize the aerodynamic package. The system can be implemented to the already prepared concept and design stage of the machine. But from an engineering point of view this is a more complex solution than the creation of maps change the height at which the suspension is optimized the fact.

Personally, I preferred option would be proposed by Ferrari [second] – to simplify the wording in the regulations. But when in Formula 1 was something simple?

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