Technical staff Red Bull to Overtake in 2017 will be easier

Технический штаб Red Bull: Обгонять в 2017-м станет легче

Staff technical staff Red Bull Racing believe that to overtake in 2017 will become easier, despite a high level of clamping force.

In attempts to make cars faster, F1 changed the rules, adding machines downforce and making them wider. Many feared that it would adversely affect overtaking.

However, Your Pierre, chief race engineer of the team, said: “From the point of view of appearance, the car is now much more aggressive he seemed to become more muscular. Many people think that because of this overtake will become more difficult. However, with the new aerodynamics and more drag the car longer will be straight, thereby creating opportunities for overtaking in these conditions.”

Head of aerodynamics Dan Fallows added: “the higher downforce of the car, the stronger its resistance is affected by other machines. Thus, racers can often use the slipstream on the straight, because it will be easier to overtake”.

Besides, the overtaking opportunities can affect a new wider Pirelli tires.

RBR chief engineer Paul Monaghan said: “If tires will be really more durable than before, then the race will be better, and we can see more overtaking”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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