Stoffel Vandorn Formula 1 Car will be much faster

Стоффель Вандорн: Машины Формулы 1 станут намного быстрее

Racer McLaren Stoffel Vandorn I am sure that with the new technical regulations Formula 1 car really, will be faster for a few seconds on the circle.

“Actually I can say not so much, says Vandorn in an interview with Belgian news Agency Sporza. – I worked only on the simulator, but it is already clear that machines will be much faster than in previous years.

The last few seasons was difficult for McLaren, but the team managed to achieve serious progress. I hope we will successfully start the tests in Barcelona two weeks later.

I did a lot of work to maintain good physical shape. In connection with changes of the rules, the racers will have more difficult than usual, but I don’t see any problems because was well prepared and could start the season at least now.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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