Specifications chassis Mercedes W08

Технические характеристики шасси Mercedes W08

Mercedes on the official website provided all the technical specifications chassis W08.


Monocoque: made of carbon fiber and composite materials of the honeycomb structure

Body: engine cover, side pontoons, the bottom, the nose fairing, front and rear spoiler – carbon fiber

Cockpit: removable driver’s seat anatomically shaped, carbon-fiber restituzione seat belts OMP, HANS system

Security structures: the capsule of the cockpit, combined with high impact design and panels against penetrating damage, front security structure, integrated rear safety structure, front and rear of the fixture, preventing damage to the vehicle while turning

Front suspension: arm and pull in an arc shape from carbon fiber, activated torsion springs

Rear suspension: the lever and the pusher in the form of an arc of carbon fiber, activated torsion springs

Wheel rims: forged with the addition of magnesium

Tyres: Pirelli

Braking system: carbon discs and pads company Carbone Industrie

Brake calipers: Brembo

Steering: rack and pinion with power

Steering wheel: the design of carbon fiber

Electronics: FIA standard Approved by the electronic control unit ECU and electrical system

Dashboard: McLaren Electronic Systems

Fuel system: Kevlar-Reinforced rubber tank

Lubricants and fluids: PETRONAS Tutela


Transmission: 8-speed with one reverse gear, carbon fiber body

Control of transmission: Sequential, semi-automatic, hydraulic drive

Grip: the Disc is carbon fiber


Length: 5000 mm More

Width: 2000 mm

Height: 950 mm

Total weight: 728 kg


Type: Mercedes-AMG F1 M08 EQ Power+

Minimum weight: 145 kg

Components of the power plant: internal combustion engine (ICE), a generator of kinetic energy (MGU-K), a thermal energy generator (MGU-H) turbocharger (TC), battery (ES) control electronics (CE)

The rider is available without penalty just four power units for the season

The internal combustion engine

Working volume: 1.6 l

Number of cylinders: 6

The camber angle of cylinders 90 degrees

Number of valves: 24

The maximum number of rpm ice: 15,000 rpm

Max fuel consumption: 100 kg/hour (at speeds exceeding 10500 rpm)

Fuel system: direct injection under high pressure (maximum 500 bar, one injector per cylinder)

Turbocharger: single-stage compressor and a turbine, an exhaust gas

The maximum turbine rotation speed: 125000 rpm

The energy recovery system (ERS)

Architecture: integrated hybrid energy recovery system that works with the systems of recuperation of thermal and kinetic energy

Energy storage: lithium-ion battery, minimum weight of 20 kg

The maximum energy stored in the battery for one lap: 4 MJ

The maximum number of revolutions of the generator kinetic energy (MGU-K): 50000 rpm

Max power MGU-K: 120 kW (161 HP)

The maximum energy stored in the MGU-K in one round: 2 MJ

The maximum energy issued by the MGU-K in one lap: 4 MJ (33.3 per sec at full power)

The maximum number of revolutions of the generator of heat energy (MGU-H): 125000 rpm

Max power MGU-H: not limited

The maximum energy stored MGU-H in a single range: not limited

The maximum energy issued by the MGU-H in a single range: not limited

Fuel: Petronas Primax

Lubricants: Petronas Syntium

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