Romain Grosjean: On the tests, it will be important to understand the work of the new rain tyres

Ромен Грожан: На тестах важно будет понять работу новых дождевых шин

Haas racer Romain Grosjean spoke about the importance of testing new rain tyres Pirelli, which will be held on March 2, the final day of the first session of pre-season tests in Barcelona.

“These tests are very important, – quotes Grosjean When Gunther Steiner approached me to tell me about how this day will work for me, said, “Obviously, based on your performance in wet race in Brazil, we have to send you to the tests of rain tyres”. I said, “Thank you, Gunter. It is very nice of you”.

Seriously, it will be very important to analyze and understand how the new rain tires.

Pirelli did a great job. The tires are wider, so aquaplaning can occur even more problems. We must always be ready appropriate settings for a wet track”.

The Frenchman greeted his new teammate Kevin Magnussen.

“It’s great that he joined us,’ said Grosjean. His experience with McLaren and Renault will be very useful to our team.”

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