Romain Grosjean: Maybe Haas will be able to fight for victory in the Grand Prix in 3-4 years

Ромен Грожан: Возможно, Haas сможет бороться за победы в Гран При через 3-4 года

On the first day of pre-season testing in the cockpit VF17 running pilot Haas Kevin Magnussen. His teammate Romain Grosjean will start working on the track in Barcelona tomorrow, and yet he has time to talk to the press.

In an exclusive interview Autopartsway Romain spoke about the new cars, preparing for the new season and much more.

How do you design new machines?

Yes they look very cool, aggressive. And most importantly, that they are much faster than those machines that we had before. The first time I saw a new car with these wide tires, wide rear wing, I immediately thought that must be it will be a fast machine! So we are waiting for interesting season. Look who did a good job in the offseason, hopefully we made a step forward. It’s unclear whether it’s easier to overtake – no data for this.

How in General was the preparations for the new season?

Was a very hard training regime and lots of workout in the gym, running, bike rides, etc. This winter was very difficult.

What are the expectations before the season and what goals you want to achieve?

While it is difficult to say the season hasn’t started yet. The main thing is to keep progressing.

And will the second season even more difficult than the first?

Yes, there is an opinion, but, in my opinion, it will be easier. We already have certain knowledge, we know how to work with the machine, so I think we will play better than last year.

Early in your career you were often caught in the accident that almost led to the end of performances in Formula 1, now all in the past. How did you handle it?

Yes, I was too aggressive, youth! But then I gained experience, I became calmer and more confident, has become more stable, won a few podiums, tried to squeeze the maximum from the car. Every year in F1 you will learn things.

You had a lot of teammates. What do you think is most important to establish a healthy relationship in the team in F1?

It is always very difficult to build healthy relationships in an atmosphere of constant competition, but, in my opinion, the most important is respect, without it nothing happens.

As you know, yesterday, Kurt Busch (team Haas) won in the mad race of NASCAR. How long do you think we should wait for the first victory of the Haas F1?

Honestly, difficult to answer. Haas already 10 years of playing in NASCAR. I hope here we would need much less time. On paper this year, wins from us not worth the wait. But in three or four years, who knows, maybe we’ll be able to fight for victory.

Talk about Baku. What did you like Baku?

I was pleasantly surprised by the country, the city, especially its old part. We should also notice about the track – it was really fast and complicated, very difficult to go through, I Think this year with faster machines, we will be even more difficult. Great place!

Managed to visit his friend the chef at a local restaurant?

Yes, had dinner there every night!

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