Rob Smedley: the Balance of power will change with the new rules

Роб Смедли: Расстановка сил изменится с новыми правилами

Chief engineer Williams Rob Smedley believes that the new regulations, with effect from the beginning of season 2017, will help to shuffle the teams in the peloton.

Teams had to create a brand new concept, so during the season they are likely to be constantly upgrading.

“In the process of developing a car, we spent many hours in the wind tunnel, said the engineer in an interview — The main thing is that we have a good base for development.

It seems to me, hardly the fastest car in Australia will remain the same for the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi. If the balance of power really changes, the new regulations can be considered absolutely successful.”

Despite their suggestions, Smedley noticed that strong changes in the peloton he did not expect: “I certainly hope that the balance of power will change, but this is unlikely to be globally. No one in Formula 1 won the championship without a significant budget. Money really mean much here, especially in the current era of Formula 1.

However, inside the kind of three groups: leaders, middle peasants and outsiders, for sure there will be changes. Maybe more teams will go to the first group — we just is important. Fans don’t like it when they know in advance who might win the race.

If the victory will be four-five applicants, it will be a success. I hope the new regulations we will provide”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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