Rob Smedley: Finding the grey areas in the regulations is becoming increasingly difficult

Роб Смедли: Находить серые зоны в регламенте становится всё сложнее

Chief race engineer Williams Rob Smedley believes that the last time to find a gray area in the technical regulations is becoming increasingly difficult.

In 2017 in Formula 1 comes into action a new set of rules in the field of aerodynamics, where the previous change was a lot of room for different interpretations. For example in 2009, BrawnGP, Williams and Toyota found the possibility of the use of double diffusers.

“Every time in the past years a new set of rules, at least in my time, loopholes became less and less, – quotes AUTOSPORT Smedley. Due to the fact that the technical leaders of the teams which take the joint participation in writing the regulations seek to close any grey areas.

The new regulations were well developed. But whether there are any loopholes? Of course. Did we or competitors to find them? We’ll see.”

At the end of December last year, left Williams technical Director Pat Symonds. The expected move of paddy Lowe from Mercedes have not yet confirmed. But Smedley is hoping that the team will be able to minimize the effects of changes in the technical staff.

“The car we’ll bring in Melbourne during the first half of the season will be much improved, he continued. – A lot of work, and it will be important to ensure that we use our potential and resources. It is important to act quickly.

Now whatever changes may occur in the team, it should have a minimal impact. The results of these changes will be visible only after six to eight months.”

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