Renault no longer working with Mario Illiano

Renault больше не сотрудничает с Марио Иллиеном

Specialist engines Mario Illien longer advises Renault.

Illian began to help the French manufacturer in 2015 after Red Bull Racing speculated that Mario can help Renault to reduce the deficit in power from Mercedes.

Remy Taffin We changed the engine for a 95%

“At the base in Viry work is divided between employees and contractors – said the technical Director of the Renault Remy Taffin in an interview – Now we try to rely more on their employees, build their teams. In Enstone we did the same thing and hired additional staff.”

When Remy asked if Illien counseling Renault, Taffin replied: “No. It was good cooperation, but now it is finished.”

It is expected that new technical regulations in 2017 will increase the load on the engine from which the car needs to squeeze more power. But Taffin believes that the requirements for power are different on each of the Grand Prix, as the teams will adapt to the configuration of a particular track.

“Yes, the pilots will be more likely to squeeze the gas on 10% of the total of the distance range in comparison with the previous year – continued Remy. – Yes, time to recovery of energy on braking will be less, but it all counts. I wouldn’t focus on that.

This is all the work with the settings. We are not inventing anything new.”

Renault больше не сотрудничает с Марио Иллиеном

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