Remy Taffin We changed the engine for a 95%

Реми Таффен: Мы изменили двигатель на 95%

Technical Director of Renault to work with engines, Remy said that they had to almost completely change the concept of the engine as the previous generation has reached stagnation.

Last year, the French manufacturer has achieved impressive progress compared to 2015, and then decided for the upcoming season to introduce a new concept with a redesigned architecture of the internal combustion engine (ICE) and the energy recovery system (ERS) of the second generation.

“The engine is 95% – said Taffin during yesterday’s presentation, RS17, London. We put a lot of effort to upgrade every detail.”

Taffin acknowledged that global changes associated with many risks, but Renault had no choice: “This engine is the basis of the subsequent three years of development.

Changing almost everything we go to risks – no one is immune from the Domino effect, where a change in one part can affect all the rest. We need to stay careful.”

The head also said that Renault took a decision to change the concept for more than a year ago.


Реми Таффен: Мы изменили двигатель на 95%

Taffin added that Renault hopes to catch up with Mercedes power at the end of the season: “last year we decided that we will play the first part of the backlog, and in 2017 the rest. We have all possibilities for this.

By the end of the season we will try to neutralize the gap, but we are not aware of the progress of the rest.”

Technical Director acknowledged that the abolition of the system of tokens on completion of the engine gave the engineers much more freedom.

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