Pirelli will bring to the tests in Barcelona, more than 3,500 tires

Pirelli привезёт на тесты в Барселону более 3500 шин

The Pirelli will bring in the pre-season tests, which will be held from 27 February to 2 March and from 7 to 10 March in Barcelona, more than 3,500 tires.

Last year from August to November, Mercedes, Red Bull Racing and Ferrari have conducted a series of tests c cars 2015, upgraded to simulate the level of clamping force 2017. The rest of the teams had access to the data from these tests, but first they will test the tyres in the new sizes just in Barcelona.

A separate day for upcoming tests, March 2, will be given tests of rain tires.

In total, Pirelli will bring the 810 kits for all teams.

Hard: 23 sets
Medium: 263
Soft: 287
Supersoft: 74
Ultrasoft: 51
Intermediate: 67
Rainfall: 45

Also at the disposal of the teams will back composition of tires, which Pirelli was prepared for the purposes of hedging.

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