Petronas has prepared a new fuel for the Mercedes team

Petronas подготовила новое топливо для команды Mercedes

Fuel supplier for Mercedes – Petronas – prepared for the pre-season tests in Barcelona new specification of fuel.

After several months of work at a research centre in the Italian town Villastellone experts gave the green light for production of the new Primax fuels and Syntium lubricants.

As expected, in 2017, the engine power will play an even more important role than before, given that the new aerodynamics will increase the drag coefficient. Additional emphasis teams will have to do on reliability, because the season each driver will be allowed only four power plant.

“The performance of the power plant will be more due to an expansion within the duration of energy conversion, said Motorsport Manager Petronas Andrea Dolfi in an interview with AUTOSPORT. – For this reason, the Petronas Primax fuel and Petronas engine oil Syntium has been modified in accordance with the requirements of the Mercedes engineers”.

A few years ago, at the beginning of the use of hybrid propulsion systems, it was believed that the new fuel can give a speed gain on the circle in the area of 0.3 seconds.

On the question of the advantage in 2017, Dolfi said: “the Increase will be significant. I can’t say more, but we are satisfied with the work done”.

Mercedes and Petronas plan to use the new specification of fuel from the first race of the season in Australia, if the tests in Barcelona all goes according to plan.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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