Paul Hembry Silverstone – the first real test for the new machines

Пол Хембри: Сильверстоун – первое настоящее испытание для новых машин

The head of the division of Pirelli Motorsport Floor Chambre believes that the race weekend at Silverstone will be the first serious test for cars designed under new technical regulations.

Paul Hembry F1 can turn into a pursuit

The lap times on new machines will be reduced by four to five seconds: this will be possible due to the fact that the cars will be wider and overall, a better grip on the pavement they will provide a wider Pirelli tires.

Pre-season tests-2017 will start in Barcelona on 27 February, however, Hembry believes that fully riders will feel the power of new technology on the stage in the UK.

Paul Hembry Teams are bluffing on the tests in Barcelona

“I look forward to the moment when the machines will go on the road because it is a new regulations, and new is always interesting. Pilots will be difficult to drive the cars, what they wanted, ‘ said Paul. – In turns, they will experience additional congestion, and some turns will be climbed to 40 km/h faster.

Interestingly, in the sixth and seventh rotations at Silverstone they do not take your foot off the gas pedal. This track will be a real challenge for pilots. I think the racers will be thrilled.”

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