Paul: don’t blame Pirelli if the race will be boring

Пол Хембри: Не вините Pirelli, если гонки будут скучными

The head of Pirelli Motorsport Paul Chambre gave to understand that it is not necessary to blame the Italian tire manufacturers, if in 2017 in connection with the change of the technical regulations of Formula 1 will be less spectacular.

New tires will be much more wear resistant that the racers could attack in full force. However, there are concerns that due to the aerodynamic characteristics of cars overtaking will be less.

“It is impossible to please everyone, because you can only go in one of two directions, – quotes AUTOSPORT Chambre. What we did from the beginning was perceived positively [high tyre wear in 2011], but then the decision was made to move in a different direction.

We only do what we are asked. We ask and they tell us what to do.

Now the sport is moving in a new direction, and if this works, then the race should get interesting.”

In the second half of last year, Pirelli tested a new tyre together with Mercedes, Red Bull Racing and Ferrari that are specifically for this provided updated machines 2015. As noted Chambre, though the so-called “mules” and not enough clamping force, at the disposal of the Italian tire manufacturers were all the necessary data.

“The main problem is the lack of clamping force. In such circumstances, it is difficult to achieve the desired performance from the tires, he said. – Yes, the upgraded cars did not meet our wishes, but we have the data, obtained by simulation.

The question is, how the data will be close to actual performance on the track. Maybe machines will be much faster than we expected”.

Chambre added that although pit-stops in the upcoming season will be less, there is a possibility of increasing the number of overtaking.

“Pit stops will be less. This is due to less degradation of the tyres, he continued. Driver goes to the pits because of loss of speed due to degradation or wear – both this year will be less.

Race with one pit stop will be greater, but if the new aerodynamics will allow cars to stay close, and the tires won’t overheat, overtaking should be more.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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