Patrick head: Only fools can believe that in 2017, the race will be better

Патрик Хэд: Только глупцы могут считать, что в 2017-м гонки станут лучше

Former technical Director of Williams Patrick head believes that the new regulations in 2017 will make the race more spectacular.

He believes that the new rules open opportunities for the rich teams that can use additional financial resources in order to break away from other groups.

“If someone thinks that these rules will contribute to increased competition in the peloton, then he is not all right with the head, said head in an interview with The Guardian. – Every time you change the rules, it plays into the hands of big teams.

They have more resources and opportunities in order to develop the next generation machine and in parallel to work on the current car.

If you compare the team with 750 staff and Force India with 300 employees, the winner will be the team that has more staff. I think the rules-2017 will make the race more competitive? Nonsense!”

It is likely that aerodynamic changes to the cars will have even greater influence on the importance of engines in F1. Head agree with this theory.

“The greater the level of downforce, the more value it will have a motor, so that the lap times will be reduced, and riders will have to brake less and more pressure on the gas – continued Patrick. – So if you have more power than the opponent, it will give you a slight advantage.

And anyway, if they wanted to in F1 with plenty of overtaking without the use of artificial aid like DRS, they had to reduce the level of downforce, but they went in a different direction.”

Патрик Хэд: Только глупцы могут считать, что в 2017-м гонки станут лучше

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