Pascal Wehrlein will miss preseason tests due to injury

Паскаль Верляйн пропустит предсезонные тесты из-за травмы

As it became known the Sauber driver Pascal Wehrlein will be forced to miss the first pre-season F1 tests in Barcelona because of a back injury received during a crash at the Race of Champions last month.

Several medical checks showed that Wehrlein is better to skip the pre-season tests, the launch of which is scheduled for February 27.

The next test is scheduled before the second tests on March 7.

It is expected that the German will replace the reserve pilot Ferrari, Antonio Giovinazzi, who will share duties with another rider of team Marcus Ericsson.

Паскаль Верляйн пропустит предсезонные тесты из-за травмы

It is known that the Swiss team was planning to raise a protégé of the Scuderia in the position of the third pilot, however, it is unlikely this will happen due to the hard work of Giovinazzi in a Ferrari.

Due to the fact that Ferrari supplies their engines to Sauber since 2010, will replace Wehrlein on Giovinazzi was logical. It can be assumed that in case of health problems, from Wehrlein before the second tests, Giovinazzi can also drive a Swiss car.

Earlier this month, Giovinazzi first tested a F1 car 2015 in Fiorano.

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