Parties dissatisfied with the approval of the MotoGP rain race in Qatar

Участники MotoGP недовольны одобрением дождевой гонки в Катаре

The MotoGP riders have expressed concern about the prospect of playing under the rain at the Grand Prix of Qatar.

Circuit Losail from 2008 takes a single night stage in the calendar of the championship, and in that time only once, in 2009, in the course of the weekend it rained, which, however, led to the transfer of the race on Monday.

In early February, representatives of the Commission of the FIM safety Loris, Capirossi and Franco Uncini conducted tests on the artificially watered asphalt, the results of which came to the conclusion that a wet surface does not reflect light, and holding the race in such conditions is totally safe.

“In my opinion, is not so simple, because in the rain a lot of glare, even when riding a bike on the street, – quotes AUTOSPORT Aspar rider Alvaro Bautista. – I do not see anything good. Although, of course, until we find ourselves in the real world, to say something will probably be impossible.”

KTM rider Paul Espargaro added that he understands how the decision was made without the consent of the participants.

“In the end, it was obvious that this will be a subject of discussion among the racers, so I don’t understand, why not ask our opinion, he said. We will discuss this topic in Qatar during a meeting of the Commission, which will take place on Friday.

Ramon Forced, race engineer pilot factory Yamaha team Maverick Viñales, doubt that, Capirossi and Uncini correctly appreciated the conditions.

“They conducted tests only in a light rain or just the artificial watering of the track. This is not the same, primarily due to the difference in temperatures,” he added.

Участники MotoGP недовольны одобрением дождевой гонки в Катаре

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