Nico Rosberg: It would be great to see Alonso in Mercedes

Нико Росберг: Было бы здорово увидеть Алонсо в Mercedes

World champion in 2016 Nico Rosberg admitted that, like many fans, would be glad to see in his place in the Mercedes team, Fernando Alonso.

“Now, as a fan, it’s easy for me to answer such a question. Everyone said it was great to see Mercedes Alonso, and I concur with that view, as would have formed an explosive tandem with Lewis Hamilton! [laughs].

For the fans it would be interesting, but, of course, for the team, to a lesser extent, – said Rosberg in an interview with Marca. – Bottas fastest racer. It is three times in a row, ahead of Felipe Massa in the championship, as Alonso in his time. So he has good prospects. It is obvious that to stay ahead of Hamilton will be very hard, but I proved that it’s possible.”

On the question of how did Mercedes seriously the invitation of two-time world champion in his place, Rosberg replied: “No. Can’t imagine that Mercedes would have dared to it, no.”

As for his decision to finish his career in Formula 1, the German admitted that he understands the upset fans.

“On the one hand, they were very happy when, after three incredible years, I finally became the champion. But I understand that many were upset with my decision to leave, although eventually it will pass, he continued. – It was a fantastic period of my life, which ended in the best way. Now I’m starting a new Chapter, which I hope turns out as successful.”

The President categorically ruled out the possibility of returning to the race, as his time did Niki Lauda, Alain Prost, Michael Schumacher.

“I’m not afraid that I’ll get bored and want to come back, as sure of the correctness of his decision, – said Niko. – It is clear that such thoughts will emerge. But the fact that I have many different interests unlike other pilots who only live races.

But I will continue to work with the team as an Ambassador for Mercedes. We are now discussing what I have to do. If they get angry at me? No, the team were sympathetic to my decision and I am very grateful for that. Niki Lauda seems to be angry in the media, but in conversation with me he was calm and said he respected my decision. In the end, each of us understands that everything ends sooner or later.

About 85% of people supported my decision to leave the pinnacle of success. Of course, there will always be critics, but what was I to criticize? I changed jobs, that’s all. Right or wrong the moment was chosen? Everyone on this account may be your opinion, but to criticize my decision makes no sense. In the end, it really is regular shift work.”

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