Nico Rosberg: I have the plans for March? I’m completely free!

Нико Росберг: Что у меня в планах на март? Я абсолютно свободен!

Champion-2016 Nico Rosberg, who completed his career after only five days after winning the title, admitted that he still does not regret his decision, because he finally had a lot of free time.

“My story in Formula 1 has the best ending possible, and I love happy endings, confessed Nico in an interview with the Daily Mail. My life was turned on its head, but I followed my heart, and this is important.

Now I am completely free. In Formula 1 you’re like a squirrel in a wheel, which is certainly not bad, and I’m grateful for the experience, but it is unlikely I would be anything to change.

My calendar for March is empty, I can do whatever I want. Before, I couldn’t spend as much time with family now”.

Nico also said that he could not achieve his goal without the support of the spouse of Vivian: “She did everything for me. Vivian was always there with her daughter when it was needed. I have never experienced any discomfort, although I struggled with the problems due to the difference in time zones, passing intervals of half an hour per day. I could sleep during the day and awake at night, and even Elijah [one year old daughter Niko] understood that you can’t touch me. She always came into the bedroom, pressing a finger to her lips with a characteristic sound “sh-sh-sh”.

Moreover, he told what he had to go for the championship: “I was forced to stop Cycling in the summer, to lose one kilogram. The next stage in Suzuka I took pole by a margin of one hundredth of a second per lap. So, one kilogram is three hundredths. It turns out, I won the pole position at the expense of the muscles of the legs”.

Forgot to mention Rosberg and his main rival throughout his career — Lewis Hamilton: “If someone you know crosses the line, then your anger will be stronger than usual. Due to his racing skills, Lewis learned to play on the edge without going over it. He is very smart. If for him to fight wheel to wheel was a natural, then to me it was difficult, so sometimes I acted overly aggressive.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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