Moniz, Kaltenborn Pascal Wehrlein is not a Junior

Мониша Кальтенборн: Паскаль Верляйн уже не юниор

Head Sauber Moniz, Kaltenborn said that the Swiss team take the rookie Pascal Wehrlein as young but already experienced pilot.

A new technical Director jörg Zander said that Sauber have become the team of middle managers.

Jorg Zander: Sauber have become the team of middle managers

The publication Auto Bild asked Monesi, it is advisable to put in a part of an ambitious team of Junior, to which she replied: “If we signed young, it would give him a toy car, not a F1 car.

Pascal has already demonstrated his talent in his debut season. In the future he will be able to achieve greater heights.”

When Marcus Ericsson was asked what his objective in 2017, he replied: “My goal is to get ahead of him [Wehrlein]. I expect hard battle and will do everything possible to get ahead.

He has for a long period of time, receives support from Mercedes. This means that they believe in his talent.”

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