Mercedes eyeing radical T-shaped wing

В Mercedes прицениваются к радикальному Т-образному антикрылу

The Mercedes team is considering the use of radical T-shaped wing in the upcoming season.

Mercedes have admitted that while they were thinking about using either a full bowl of shark’s fin, or a kind of T-shaped wing.

Before shooting the race, Valtteri Bottas, the team mounted a T-shaped wing on his car, which was absent during the presentation. This concept is very different from the other teams.

Lead engineer of the team Aldo Costa admitted in an interview with that the team intends to test during the tests in Barcelona a few concepts: “We have seen a lot of pictures of new cars, but before the first race we intend constantly to improve something.

As you have noticed, during the presentation of the car was not T-shaped wing, and then we found it. In Barcelona we intend to test as many different configurations.

We plan to try the version with the longer tail in combination with the new front spoiler specifically for Melbourne.”

Costa said that to the first Grand Prix in Australia, the team may be a brand new spoiler.

“To be honest, the car needs to completely change from the point of view of aerodynamics to Melbourne,” he summed up Costa.

В Mercedes прицениваются к радикальному Т-образному антикрылу

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