McLaren: mostly we were struck by a Mercedes

McLaren: Больше всего нас поразил автомобиль Mercedes

Chief engineer of McLaren’s Peter Prodromou admitted that most impressed his new Mercedes.

McLaren became the seventh team after Williams, Sauber, Renault, Force India, Mercedes and Ferrari, which presented its car of 2017.

Prodromou said that Mercedes as thoroughly as possible concerning this new regulation: “I am most impressed with Mercedes. It is obvious that they have spent an incredible amount of time to develop it. Only their car stands out among the rest.”

The most discussed technical innovation of the Mercedes was T-shaped wing, which is also used in a Ferrari.

McLaren: Больше всего нас поразил автомобиль Mercedes

Prodromou admitted that McLaren was also thinking about the introduction of such innovations to your car.

“From the point of view of some of supervisees no one is surprised – continued the Prodromus. The one who made the new regulations, did not know that may appear such T-shaped wings, which reflect and in our team”.

Chief technical Director of the team Tim Goss is sure that during the season the cars will be new details.

“Zone of the motor casing from the front of the cockpit to the axis of the rear wheels is governed by the rule R75, which limits the number of parts on the car, said Goss. – More opportunities for new solutions in the area between the front wheels and the front holes of the side pontoons, located where the side vents. Here and there during the season we will see a variety of options.

Of all the cars in only two or three, including us posted in this area a lot of details.”

Goss also predicted that during the tests the team will start to implement new products.

“All are in the process of learning and will be closely watching the course of events – continued Goss. Without tests we don’t know anything, so as soon as the car is on the track, where we will be able to evaluate its aerodynamics and to see how other teams are doing, we will understand much more.

In such a situation are everything”.

McLaren: Больше всего нас поразил автомобиль Mercedes

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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