McLaren confirmed the departure of Jost Capito

В McLaren подтвердили уход Йоста Капито

McLaren have officially confirmed the resignation of the General Director Jost Capito after only a few months after he joined the team.

Kapito resigned as head of the Motorsport division of Volkswagen in order to work together with Eric boullier and Jonathan Neal in the team from Woking.

Starting with the Italian Grand Prix in 2016 Jost regularly attended the stages in the garage of the team. However, its future was called into question after he left McLaren, Ron Dennis, who hired Capito.

The signing of Zach brown as the new Executive Director gave McLaren the opportunity to revise their strategy, with the result that it was decided to leave kapito.

Jost Capito is leaving McLaren?

The representative of the McLaren said “Jost Capito joined the team after four successful years at VW Motorsport to return McLaren to success.

He wanted to build a victorious team and completely focused on how to make our car competitive and hope to fight for the title in the coming years.

Unfortunately, we were unable to find a common language with Jost in the question of what to do to make the team once again became successful.

Thus, we decided that he will leave McLaren Racing and will consider other options. We wish him success in his new endeavors.”

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